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up4learning (UK) ltd

52 St Andrew’s Avenue


Our studios are located at Troon and Prestwick, ensuring they can be easily accessed by children from East Ayrshire, North Ayrshire and South Ayrshire.

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Up4learning was set up by Gayle McCrorie, a fully qualified primary teacher with experience of working across the full primary curriculum. Gayle has worked in both the state and private sectors.

18 years after qualifying as a teacher, with a wealth of experience in primary teaching and additional experience in Support For Learning, Gayle was asked to privately tutor a young child over the summer holidays so the child didn’t experience what is known as the ’summer slide’.  At this point, Gayle realised parents wished to hire the services of tutors to supplement the education children were receiving in school. Rather than tutoring children within the family home, which is full of distractions and can be isolating, Gayle decided that up4learning’s tutoring sessions would take place in studios which were distraction-free and better suited to collaborative learning.  The first studio opened in Prestwick.  The feedback Gayle received from students and parents was amazing and within 6 months Gayle was looking to open a further up4learning studio in Troon to cope with demand. Word was spreading across South Ayrshire about the fantastic service up4learning was providing and parents were starting to book their children in, a year in advance of starting school to ensure they would have a place at up4learning alongside attending primary school.