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SCVO Community Jobs Scotland

SCVO has a number of Community Jobs Scotland jobs which would be particularly suitable for care leavers, carers, young people with convictions, early service leavers from the armed forces and young people with disabilities or long-term health conditions.

The jobs are open to young people aged 16 – 29 who are not on the Work Programme or Work Choice. The jobs can last for up to 1 year.

All the jobs are with third sector employers. Referral for the jobs is through Jobcentre Plus or Skills Development Scotland. You can get further information at here.

If you are working with young people who you think might be suitable for a CJS job please contact Michael Hollinger 0141 559 5014, email or Moira Cuthbertson 0141 559 5034, email

Please note that all the jobs must start by 31 March 2016.

SCVO CarersSCVO Dis & Long Term

Taboo Tuesday – Isolation and Depression

A series of videos have been produced by the Ayrshire Film Company , who have been discussing difficult complex issues, such as isolation and depression, with the principle aim of finding solutions .

You can how view the latest instalment, episode 5 on YouTube, here.

If you would like speak out and tell your story or experiences, be part of the video filming and post-production, then contact Taylor McIlroy at on 01294 443044.

Money Worries?

Money worries or not it’s worth taking a look at Scotland’s Financial Health Service website, for information and free impartial expert advice on managing money, debt, savings and all things financial.

Use the site map to find your nearest services, including Money Advice, Citizens Advice Bureau and Credit Union.

You can also read some of their recent Blogs on;

  • How to boost your credit score
  • Five easy steps to build your credit rating
  • Staying out of debt
  • Why it’s already time to start thinking about next Christmas already!
  • Your Guide To Financial Health
  • Are you struggling to repay your debt or just want to find a balance?

Click here to go to their site or call 0800 707 6696 to talk to one of their advisers and see if Scotland’s Financial Health Service can help you.

Sight Loss and Dementia – Online Learning

RNIB Practice and Development Team have created an e-learning module for support staff and carers, called ‘Eye Health Care for Everyone’, to help  understand the sight problems experienced by people with dementia.

It is an interactive module and uses DVD clips to demonstrate the leading causes of sight loss. There is also a personal account from Stewart who is living with sight loss and dementia. The module signposts staff and carers to resources to support better access to eye health care.

The module will launch on Tuesday 1 March 2016, and to mark this RNIB Scotland will give free places to the first 1,500 users.

The module takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and has an optional action-into-practice section which encourages you to produce a piece of writing, which you might like to link to your SVQ in Social Services and Healthcare and Level 2 diploma in Health and Social Care

Completing the course will help you to understand that:

  • sight loss is a significant issue for older people,
  • sight loss is a significant issue for people with dementia,
  • sight loss and dementia both occur more often with age,
  • accessing eye health care is important.

Once the free places have been allocated a charge of £10 to £15 maximum will be applied. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

For more details and to register for the course, click here.

Ayrshire Diabetes Patient Conference 2016

Put the date in your diary and reserve your places early for the NHS Ayrshire & Arran Diabetes Patient Conference 2016, being held at the Education Centre, University Hospital, Ayr  on Saturday 14 May 2016 between 10am and 2pm.  Local people living with diabetes, or who know someone who is affected by the condition, are welcome to attend the event.

Professionals will be on hand to answer questions and it will be an ideal opportunity to meet other people living with diabetes and share experiences. Presentations and information stands on the day will provide those who attend with a greater understanding of the services and support available within Ayrshire and Arran.

Places are limited so please book early. The conference costs £5.00 per person, which includes lunch and refreshments. Please help promote the event by downloading and displaying this poster.

To book your place/s please call Laura-Jane Truesdale on 01294 323492.

Looking For Community Funding?

The Community Planning Partnership, supported by North Ayrshire Council Economic Growth, has just released its latest Funding Newsletter February 2016 outlining funding opportunities for a variety of businesses and voluntary groups.

So  whether you’re a North Ayrshire voluntary group, social enterprise or business, Community Planning could help provide unique funding opportunities to help your organisation succeed, thrive and grow. Use the  link to search for schemes and funds that match your organisation’s profile.

Mental Health Café Reduces Hospital Admissions

The Safe Haven Café in Aldershot opened in 2014, with £70,000 from NHS North East Hampshire and Farnham clinical commissioning group for the three-month trial, the cafe has since won a string of awards and has secured annual funding.

In the first six months after its launch, psychiatric admissions from the cafe’s catchment area fell by 33%. The impact of the cafe, which is open every weeknight from 6pm until 11pm, and every weekend and bank holiday from 12:30pm to 11pm, on service users is clear. While not all admissions come through A&E, there were 63 confirmed reports of people using the Safe Haven cafe as an alternative to A&E in its initial three-month trial, resulting in savings.

Those with mental health problems typically only have A&E to turn to if they are reaching a crisis point in the evening. Some users go every day, while others come only when they feel that they are near crisis point. If you’re at home and tension is building, by seven o’clock, it’s too late to go to the doctors and the night just draws out. Now, people in Aldershot have a place to go.

Iain Watkins, 46, relies on the cafe. Ten years ago, he ended up in a coma after a messy divorce and redundancy led him to attempt to take his own life. Battling mental health problems since then has not been helped by the loneliness he feels. “The first time I came to the cafe, I stood outside in the rain smoking for 20 minutes plucking up the courage to go in,” he says. “Now I come here most nights. I still self-harm, but less so and I haven’t had to go to A&E since coming here”.

To read the full Guardian article, click here.

Lego Set Will Feature Wheelchair-Using Figure

Lego has listened to disability activists and people everywhere who have been calling for them to include representations of people with disabilities in its toys.

Lego confirmed it’s released a new set, detailed here,  featuring a young man using a wheelchair. It’s part of a new “Fun in the Park” set, according to ToyLikeMe, a campaign working to pressure toy companies into being more inclusive. The set also appears to include a guide dog.

The set containing the figures will go on sale in June 2016.


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