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Community and Dementia Conference

Put the date Wednesday 21 September 2016 in your diary for the Community and Dementia Conference.

The Life Changes Trust will hold its first national conference on Wednesday 21 September 2016 , which is World Alzheimer’s Day,  at the Perth Concert Hall, Perth, PH1 5HZ.

The conference will focus on learning from dementia friendly communities across Scotland, both geographical communities and communities of interest. This dementia-friendly event will provide a wide range of presentations and activities to make the day engaging and inspirational.

More information about signing up will be available soon on the Life Changes Trust Website.

Tackling Antisocial Behaviour in North Ayrshire

Antisocial behaviour can have a significant negative impact on communities. Feedback has consistently shown the importance of tackling antisocial behaviour issues, not just for those directly affected but also communities more widely.

North Ayrshire have published a new Strategy for 2015-2018, in which the 52-page document details their approach to tackling the issues that affect communities across North Ayrshire such as dog fouling, rubbish, people using or dealing drugs and vandalism and graffiti.

To download or read your copy, click here.


Where Are Your Children?

Are they in their room on their computer?

If they are, make sure they are safe; every year thousands of children across the UK are affected by sexual exploitation. The internet and mobile devices make it even easier for adults to trick vulnerable children.

In order to help protect them, click here to download, text or call Barnardo’s for their free guide which tells you how to spot when a child is at risk, and help keep them safe.

New Cookery Group in Saltcoats

Are you interested in good old-fashioned down-to-earth value-for-money cooking?

Saltcoats Link Up Community Group is setting up a new Cookery Group in the coming weeks and there are still a couple of places available. So if you’re interested in being involved and learning and sharing simple and nutritious meal ideas, let them know via their Facebook Page.

Saltcoats Link Up focuses on increasing opportunities for local people to come together, develop friendships and networks, and contribute to community life so get involved, meet new and existing friends and have some fun. Open to all ages.


Barbie Just Got Real

Barbie, the iconic plastic toy doll model, is getting three new body types this year. The US company behind the famous toy, Mattel, is adding “tall, curvy and petite” body shapes to its line-up of the fashion dolls.
Several skin tones, eye colours and hair styles will also be added to the collection, the company said.

Barbie’s figure has come under fire for years, with critics arguing it set an unrealistic body image for girls. With the new body shapes, the toy makers say they are “offering girls’ choices that are more reflective of the world they see today”.

To read more go to, click here.

Call For All Young Carers To Be Offered Support

Young adult carers have united at an event in Glasgow to call for support services to be made available across Scotland.

With an estimated 30,000 young adult carers in Scotland, Carers Trust Scotland organised for some to speak at the ‘Time to be Heard for Young Adult Carers’ conference.

There they shared their testimonies of how have been helped by support services and projects to an audience of 150 people including MSPs and representatives from higher education and local authorities.

In Scotland, Carers Trust is the largest provider of comprehensive carers support services, but believes that there are thousands of young people who are hidden carers and are not being supported.

Young speakers urged decision makers to ensure every young adult carer in Scotland has access to a support service.

The charity hopes that the event will help to raise awareness of the positive impact services and projects such as Time to be Heard, which launched a year ago, can have on young people with caring responsibilities.

Steps For Jo’s

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is a national charity and they are hoping that you will sign up for the Steps For Jo’s 5k charity walk/run which is being held in Eglinton Park in Kilwinning, on Saturday 11 June 2016.

By taking part you can help this charity to raise the profile of cervical cancer in the UK while fundraising to support the women and their loved ones affected by this disease. All registered participants will receive a goody bag and will be presented with a medal afterwards.

Any donations for the event of info leaflets, notepads, pens etc for their goody bags this year would be greatly appreciated. If you can help please email

To sign up to join Team Jo’s at their special Ayrshire event now just click here.

To watch last years event click here.

Dear Diary – Dr Paul Kerr’s Blog

This week’s Ayrshire Health blog is by Dr Paul Kerr, a GP at Frew Terrace Surgery, Irvine and Clinical Director [CD] for North Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership [NAHSCP] he also manages the training of GPs within Ayrshire & Arran. Read his blog here to find out more.



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