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Volunteering Opportunities with Dementia Befriending Ayrshire

Date of Event:    April 10, 2023

Would you like to be a companion for a few hours a week?

Enjoy some company whilst going for a walk, shopping trip,

activity in the community or in the persons home playing

scrabble etc, or having a chat with someone over the phone?

If you answered yes! AILN are looking for Volunteers.

throughout Ayrshire to spend time with people living with

early-stage Dementia.

The also need volunteer activity coordinators, fund raisers,

support at wellbeing cafes, help

with supporting volunteers’ mental health & wellbeing.


Benefits for you, they will:


Provide full training & support

Reimburse any out-of-pocket expenses i.e. mileage etc

Provide a reference for employment after 6 months.

Award recognition

Hours & geographical area to suit


01294 475682

Interested? please contact