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Time To Talk Day 2023

Date of Event:    February 2, 2023

Time To Talk Day 2023

Today is about making space in our day to talk about Mental Health with our friends, families, communities, and colleagues.

Talking about mental health isn’t always easy, but a conversation has the power to change lives.

Remember we all have mental health. There is no right way to talk about it; however, these tips can help make sure you’re approaching it in a helpful way.

  • Ask Questions and listen – ask open ended, non-judgemental questions like “How does that affect you?” or “How does that make you feel?”.
  • Think about the time and place. Sometime conversations can feel more comfortable and natural when side by side i.e out a walk, cooking together. But don’t focus on this too much and let it put you off asking.
  • Don’t try and fix it – unless they’ve asked for advice directly, it might be best just to listen.
  • Treat them the same.
  • Be patient – some people might not be ready to talk and that’s ok. The fact that you’ve tried to talk to them about it may make it easier for them to open up another time.

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