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Lunch to Go

Community Based Services
KA13 7QH

Brian Fitzpatrick
Theresa Currie
Mary Jones

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The story of Lunch To Go is one of learning from others and sharing ideas plus a lot of hard work behind it. An aim to providing a service that was able to offer training and possible employment which would help those who would otherwise may not get the opportunity to gain skills and confidence needed to put them on a social and employable status within their communities.

Lunch to Go was born 3+ years ago, initially providing lunches for clients, staff and the general public. Shortly after opening we received a request to provide a buffet lunch for a Carer’s forum Ayr. We accepted this request which we received excellent feedback. Recognising the potential for further orders we continued to offer this service through various advertising.

People that worked within Lunch To Go enrolled in a REHISS course and worked very hard to achieve their pass grade and certificate to work in the food industry.

Lunch To Go has gone from strength to strength providing catering of buffets for Council Training, Council Meetings & Forums and for outside agencies.