Care Provider

Irvine & Troon Cancer Care

Heathfield House
5 Kilwinning Road
KA12 8RR

01294 311887




Irvine & Troon Cancer Care is a voluntary organisation which offers support to those facing the problems of cancer by providing transport to help patients get to their hospital appointments as well as information and practical advice about locally available services.

Our aims are to support cancer patients and their families through the trauma of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and to help with cancer related problems. We have been operating and providing support in both the Irvine and Troon areas since 1987 and our main aim is to ensure that help is readily available for everyone who needs it.

Our Patient Transport Service is manned by volunteer drivers who use their own vehicles. We offer to transport patients and where possible their relatives to hospitals and clinics in Glasgow and throughout Ayrshire. Patients are collected from their homes, accompanied to hospital and taken home again after treatment. This service is especially useful for patients who feel unwell, those living in rural areas, the elderly and parents taking their children for treatment.