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Did You Know Around Half Of All Falls Happen At Home?

The Stay On Your Feet® Home Safety Quiz is a quick and easy way to identify hazards in your home which could cause a fall.

At the end of the quiz, print a copy of your answers and recommended changes to cross off as you go.

Visit to make your home safer today.

On Yer Bike Supports Old And New Riders

Are you keen to rekindle or start cycling but need to get your bike ready?Can you maintain your bike? Need a little help? Free tuition is available on Tuesday afternoons from 12noon until 3pm at The Dirrans Centre in Kilwinning.

They also organise regular family cycles and are happy to welcome new volunteers.

Better Off North Ayrshire

Better Off North Ayrshire(BONA) aspires to help to improves lives and build stronger communities by building financial capacity and resilience through offering a package of support services, through key workers to low income, workless and lone parent families, including budgeting, benefits, debt and energy advice, together with direct access to affordable loans and furniture.

Individuals can access their services through a single point of contact who will offer an appointment in their local area. people can also access services at the new Information and Drop-In centre in Ardrossan. Just call 01294 475629 to get things started.


Active in Kilwinning

Being physically active is important not only for our physical health but our mental health too.

Many of us do not get enough exercise to stay healthy, physical activity is particularly important if you have a mental health problem.

Active Kilwinning have compiled a list of physical activities that are available in the Kilwinning area.

Contact details for each are on the leaflet.

Causes Of Cancer And Reducing Your Risk

Many people believe that getting cancer is purely down to genes, fate or bad luck. But through scientific research, Cancer Research UK state that risk actually depends on a combination of genes, environment and things to do with lifestyle, which people are more able to control.

Cancer is caused by damage to our DNA, the chemical instructions that tell our cells what to do. Things we come into contact with in our environment, such as UV rays, or through our lifestyle, such as the cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco, can damage our DNA. This damage can build up over time. If a cell develops too much damage to its DNA it can start to grow and multiply out of control – this is how cancer starts.

If you would like to find out what your Cancer risk is or for more detailed information on preventing Cancer please click here.


Crohn’s And Colitis UK

Crohns’s and Colitis UK are the leading charity in the battle against Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

The work carried out by the charity helps make life better for the 300,000 people in the UK with Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and other forms of IBD.

As well as providing information on all aspects of Crohn’s and Colitis the charity also provide a confidential support service whether you are:

  • newly diagnosed or have lived with IBD for some time
  • a friend, relative, partner or carer
  • a young person with IBD, or their parent
  • wanting to know about the daily impact of Crohn’s and Colitis
  • seeking emotional support
  • needing practical help, such as applying for disability benefits

Information Officers aren’t medically trained but can provide general information about a range of subjects, including:

  • Medication
  • Symptoms
  • Tests and diagnosis
  • Dietary questions
  • Employment issues
  • Accessing welfare benefits
  • Finding support from others with the condition

Click here if you would like to find out more about this service.

If you need emotional support you can access this by contacting a dedicated helpline. For contact details and running times please click here.

These conditions can be distressing for children and exhausting (not to mention upsetting and stressful) for parents and relatives. They can have a significant impact on family life, if this affects you or someone you love click here to view support that could be offered to you.





Rory – A Resource To Help Children Affected By Harmful Parental Drinking

There are 51,000 children living with a parent or guardian who drink at harmful levels in Scotland.

Rory is a resource aimed at primary school children.  The resource pack is based on the Rory storybook which tells the story of a dog, Rory, who lives with his owner Fred. Rory becomes sad when Fred forgets to take him for a walk, feed him and pat him. Rory thinks he may have done something wrong and blames himself for what is happening at home until his friend Felix explains to him that his owner Fred drinks to much alcohol and that is why he forgets things. Rory feels much better knowing that he isn’t to blame and that he has someone to talk to who can offer him the support he needs.

It is also helpful for children who are not affected, Rory aims to help children develop empathy for those who are, and they will be able to use the life skills they learn in lots of other ways.

Find out more here.

Scottish Deaf Golf Association

Scottish Deaf Golf Association (SDGA), established in 1986, is the only governing body for represent amateur golf in Scotland representing individual golfers with all levels of hearing loss, including those who use British Sign Language as their first or preferred language.

SDGA organises national events in Scotland, and also arranges Team Scotland participating in international events.

SDGA is a registered charity aiming to encourage people with all levels of hearing loss to get involved with the game of golf.

SDGA is one of the original member countries of the World Deaf Golf Federation (WDGF) in 1994.

SDGA is recognised by UK Deaf Sport, World Deaf Golf Federation and Scottish Golf.

The aims and objectives of SDGA are:-

  • ​To deliver competitive opportunities to all golfers who has a hearing loss
  • To provide training and coaching opportunities for everyone in Scotland including young people.

  • To promote and develop young golfers from all over Scotland who has a hearing loss.

  • To ensure a duty of care to the members of SDGA

  • To enable access in every aspect of golfing matters.

SDGA is an non-profit making organisation. To find out more check out their website and Facebook page.

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