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Recall of Occupational Therapy Aids

North Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership (NAHSCP) Equipment Store is looking to recall unused or unwanted Occupational Therapy (OT) devices and equipment.

If you are a service user, a carers or a family member and you know of any unwanted or redundant equipment, please be aware that there is now an equipment recycling service. Recycling equipment helps make the equipment store more efficient and means unwanted devices can often be used again to help local people.

To arrange uplift and return of OT equipment please call 01294 313891.

Getting Older People Online

Thinking of buying Papa or Granny an ipad or tablet for Christmas? Then why don’t you?

Lots of older people, when asked about the Internet, say ‘that’s not for me’ or ‘I don’t need it’.

Here is a list of 10 good reasons and most exciting things about the Internet that will help people who aren’t online realise the benefits of getting connected.

1 – Skype – Phone calls are great, but phone calls with video are even better! By the time you’ve reached the age of 65+, you’ll likely have friends and family around the world. It might be hard to get to them, but keeping in touch via Skype is the next best thing. And most of the time, it’s free!

2 – Social media – Having conversations with family members is great, but what about their day-to-day life that they might not share in a Skype call or email? Social media, sites like Facebook, allow you to see what’s going on every day of the week. Whether your granddaughter is travelling around the world or getting ready for a party at home, you can see her photos and updates online.

3 – Shopping! – For every high street store and supermarket you love, there’s a website that makes the whole process easier! No more worrying about carrying the weekly shop home on the bus, or forgetting the most important item. By shopping online, you can plan properly, and the items are delivered to your door at the time you choose. There’s also a lot of money saving to be done online – some research suggests up to £440 each year!

4 – TV – With catch-up TV and on-demand film websites being so popular, the Internet puts an end to flicking through channels and finding something to watch, or settling for something you don’t enjoy. From iPlayer and ITV player, to LoveFilm and Netflix, there is something to suit everyone’s TV taste online.

5 – Rediscovery – Popular apps like Spotify and websites like YouTube open up hours of content. From comedy clips, to favourite albums from days of old – these searchable databases of entertainment can bring back memories for older Internet users, and reunite them with the songs and series’ of their youth, see

6 – Games – Keeping your mind sharp is important for older people, and there’s no way more enjoyable than playing games and quizzes to ensure that’s still the case! From crosswords and puzzles, to Candy Crush and Scrabble, hours of entertainment can be found online. Lots of games even let you play against friends and family around the world, no matter where they are, so games are a way to stay connected as well as have fun.

7 – Hobbies – Stamp collecting, pottery, horse riding, knitting, clay pigeon shooting, the list of hobbies that older people enjoy is endless. Unfortunately, due to health, mobility and circumstance, many are forced to give up their favourite activities in older age. However, apps and sites are here to help! Whatever your favourite pastime, you’ll be able to find an online version to enhance or replicate the experience. And if you’re in the market for a new hobby, the Internet can help you find plenty more!

8 – Learning – With a simple Google search, you can read up on almost any subject! Websites like free encyclopaedia Wikipedia, to many cultural museum and gallery sites, to lots of interest-focused blogs can answer any questions about the world you might have. For those who want to take their learning further, many universities also offer the lectures and notes from their courses online for free, and you can even participate in educational courses on the Internet, too!

9 – Staying healthy – It can be difficult to keep on top of eating the right foods and trying to exercise. There are lots of apps and websites that can help with this – helping you make sure that you get the right amount of nutrition each day, and to make sure that you can increase your heart rate, even if you just stay in your chair!

10 – Keeping up-to-date – Your favourite newspaper also has a website, much easier to read than those big sheets of paper they give you! Alongside this, all of your favourite TV news channels have websites, including BBC news and most of their stories are free. If you have more specialist interests, you’ll be able to stay in the loop with latest news and updates from these online, too.

If you think an older friend or family member is missing out by not having a tablet, smartphone or computer, this list might help you show them the exciting things that the Internet can add to their life.

‘Opt-out’ Organ Donation System Starts in Wales

On Tuesday 1 December 2015 Wales becomes the first UK nation to make every adult a potential organ donor. The system, known as presumed consent, will mean that people who do not want to donate their organs will have to formally opt out.

In Scotland, you can make your wishes known on the new NHS Organ Donor Register, which means you can now choose to donate your organs, choose not to donate, withdraw your details, or update them, just click here to make your wishes, whatever they are, known.

For more information please call 0300 123 2323.

Volunteer Drivers and Shop Assistants Needed

North Ayrshire Cancer Care, which is run entirely by volunteers, urgently needs volunteer drivers to help those undergoing treatment for cancer to get to and from appointments. They also need people to help in their charity shops in North Ayrshire.  If you could spare a few hours to help, please call 01294 552223.

Are You An Autistic Female Who Is Also A Mother?

Monique Blakemore has been an advocate and raising awareness for autism and autistic motherhood since 2012 and is midst research for the book connected to the present research by Cambridge University, called Autism and Motherhood.

Monique needs more, self identified or diagnosed, autistic mothers to come forward with their knowledge and write approx. 1,500 words about your experience as an autistic mother.

This might include:

  • the strengths and positive affects (or not) on parenting.
  • managing our own needs as well as our family’s needs.
  • managing relationships, communication with professionals involved with your child/children.

Your help will contribute to what is expected to be awesome reading material, edited by an autistic individual, giving real experiences and insights into autistic motherhood.

If you are interested in contributing to this book, please contact Monique prior to Tuesday 15 December 2015. Email:

Transgender Inclusion Within Alcohol And Drug Services Research

The Scottish Transgender Alliance are conducting some research in partnership with North Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership to inform work on projects relating to transgender inclusion within recovery and addiction services. The survey is open to all transgender people in Scotland. They use trans as an umbrella term for all people whose gender identity or gender expression is different to the one assigned to them at birth, including trans men, trans women, non-binary people, and cross dressing people. If you want to take part please click here.

London Man Wins Trip To Space, Dedicates It To Mental Illness

A young man who won a trip in to space, dedicates the journey to:”every young boy, girl, man, woman who sits in their bedroom crying and you don’t know why, everyone who avoids mirrors because they don’t like what they look like”.

He went to add; “I want to tell you, if you are suffering from mental health it is absolutely fine. Welcome to the club, there are seven billion of us.”

You can read more of the story, here.


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