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Summer Pilates Classes

Regular Pilates practice can:

  • Build core strength
  • Improve flexibility
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce backache

Wednesday 11 July – Wednesday 15 July, 9.30am – 10.30am

The Hut, Geilsland Beith.



Supporting Older Workers With Health Conditions

Ageing Better’s new report, ‘Health warning for employers: supporting older workers with health conditions’, shows that employers are not properly supporting older workers experiencing long-term physical and mental health conditions.

Health is the most important factor affecting older workers’ decisions to stop working before reaching state pension age. Ageing Better’s research finds that early access to support, small adjustments to the workplace and working patterns and empathetic management are crucial to enabling people to manage their health at work and remain in employment.

A survey of over 1,000 people shows one quarter of people aged 55 and over with a health condition who are still in work are considering leaving because of their health. The research also found that workers are often put off speaking to employers until the last moment due to poor workplace culture and overly bureaucratic procedures.

Elderly Cycle Ride Rolls Across Scotland

A scheme that uses specially designed cycles to take elderly people on rides in an effort to tackle social isolation is to be rolled out across Scotland.

The Cycling Without Age (CWA) project sees volunteers take their passengers out on so-called “trishaws”.

The scheme, which began in Denmark, has been operating in Falkirk since 2017.

The Scottish government will spend £300,000 to expand it to East Lothian, Perth and Kinross, the Highlands and the Borders.

You can read more here.

Perhaps it will come to North Ayrshire at some point, here’s hoping!

The World Downs Syndrome Congress(WDSC)

Hosted by Down Syndrome Scotland this international event will bring together over 1000 people who have Down’s syndrome, their families, carers and others who have an interest in their lives.

This event is taking place from 25-27th July 2018, at the SEC in Glasgow.

For further details and to register visit the WDSC website or call 0131 306 0120.

Living Life To The Full For Diabetes

Is Diabetes stopping you from living life to the full?

Get back on track with this free course!

Key learning points:

Why do I feel so bad? Understanding the impact of distress on five key areas of your life.

I can’t be bothered doing anything – High/low sugar makes you feel washed out. So does stress and illness. If this is you, take this module.

Why does everything always go wrong? Learn how to beat bad thoughts.

I’m not good enough – You’re way more than illness. Discover ways to boost your confidence.

How to fix almost everything – Tackle the problems life throws at you, one step at a time.

The things you do that mess you up – Learn how to reduce unhelpful behaviours that bring you down.

Are you strong enough to keep your temper? Feeling frustrated about illness? Taking it out on others? Learn how to gain control over irritability with our 1, 2, 3 Chill plan.

10 things you can do to feel happier straight away – Follow these ten small steps to feeling fitter and happier.

Click here to register.


Do You Want To Make A Difference In The Three Towns?

There are vacancies on the Three Towns Locality Partnership for community representatives. This is a great opportunity to get involved with key partners to make a difference in the Three Towns.

If you would like more information please get in touch with Shirley Morgan, Three Towns Locality Coordinator on 01294 475222 or 07827281066. You can also use the contact us form by clicking here.

The terms of reference for the group is available here: Locality Partnership – Terms of Reference

The role profile also explains what is involved: Locality Partnership Community Representative Role Profile

The application form is available here in word and pdf formats: Community Representative Nomination Form        Community Representative Nomination Form

Please submit applications by 6 July 2018. Applications will then be considered by the Locality Partnership.


Alzheimer Scotland June Events

Monday 11 June, Football Reminiscence, Ardrossan Civic Centre, 11.00 – 12.30pm

Monday 18 June, Football Reminiscence, Vennel Centre, 11.00 -12.30pm

Monday 18 June, Talk of the Town, Vennel Centre, Irvine, 1.30 – 3.00pm

Tuesday 19 June, Musical Memories, Beith High Church,Beith, 1pm-3.30pm

**Please not on this date , Musical Memories Beith is INVITATION ONLY**

Monday 25 June, Musical Minds, Fullarton Church, Irvine,2.00 – 3.30pm

Tuesday 26 June, Tea and a Blether, Vennel Centre, Irvine, 10.30 -12.30pm

Tuesday 26 June, Musical Memories, Montgomery Court, Kilbirnie, 1.30-3pm



Activities are only possible due to the commitment of volunteers and the donations that are gratefully received. A suggested donation of £2 would be very much appreciated.

All are welcome; people who can attend independently and/or for those unable to do so should come with a companion who can take responsibility for them and share the experiences of the group.


Cancer Information For People With Learning Disabilities

Macmillan Cancer Support have a range of information booklets designed specifically for people with learning disabilities.

Information can be found on:

What is cancer

Living a healthy life

Signs of cancer

Screening for cancer

Tests for cancer

Being told you have cancer

Cancer types

Treatment and side effects

When someone dies

These easy read booklets use simple language and pictures to tell you about cancer. Click here to browse the entire range.

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