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Ayrshire Working Age Parkinson’s Group

This local Parkinson’s UK group is open to anyone of working age.

Go along and join in at this free event for people with Parkinson’s of working age and their families. This social support group meets once a month and is a great chance to meet other young people affected by Parkinson’s and offer advice, friendship.

The group meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month at the Volunteer Rooms (Cunningham Room) in Irvine from 7pm until 9pm.

If you want to find out more please contact Liz Burley on 07771 632 243 or email

Employability Partnership Jobs Fair

On Tuesday 2 May 2018 at The Volunteer Rooms in Irvine from 10am until 1pm get yourself along to the Employability Partnership Jobs Fair. There will be workshops to help you find out more about building up a CV, how to fill out work/college applications, preparing for interviews and how My World Of Work can help you identify your strengths and opportunities. No need to book just go along!

For more information please call Debbie Barr on 01294 404244 or if you want to reserve a place at the event email

Disabled Music Fans Face Ticketing Barriers

Hundreds of deaf and disabled music fans still experience problems purchasing tickets to live concerts and festivals, a new report has found.

The report, from the UK charity Attitude is Everything, reveals that 82% of deaf and disabled music lovers questioned had difficulties booking tickets to live music events, while more than 73% felt discriminated against.

It also found that one in 10 had considered legal action.

The main gripes included premium rate booking lines, the lack of accessible tickets and online booking systems.

When tickets for Ed Sheeran’s Divide tour went on sale last year, many disabled fans complained they couldn’t reach the accessible booking line as it had been taken over by fans trying to obtain general tickets.

You can read more here.

Ayrshire Cancer Support – New Carers Group

Are you supporting or caring for someone with a cancer diagnosis?

Would you like to meet other people in a similar situation to yourself?

If you are interested in attending a 4 week group commencing Wednesday 16 May click here for more information.

New Rights For Carers

New rights improving support for Scotland’s unpaid carers have come into force.

All those who provide unpaid care for friends, family, and neighbours will now have the right to a personalised plan, under the Carers (Scotland) Act. This will identify their needs and help them access information, advice and support, before reaching a crisis point. Local authorities and health boards will work together to prepare local carer strategies, setting out their plans for identifying and supporting carers in their community. The act also ensures carers will be involved in individual decisions about their own support and what happens when the person they look after is discharged from hospital.

Read more here.

Mind And Be Active

A single bout of 40 minutes of aerobic exercise is enough to increase ‘feel good’ chemicals and improve mood in the short term. Due to this the body can respond better when placed in situations of stress.

Staff from the Mind and be active team have completed a nationally recognised qualification in Exercise and Mental Health so if you feel you could benefit please get in touch by calling 01294 605128 to find out more.


New Job Club & IT Class At TACT

The Ayrshire Community Trust are now running a Drop in Job Club every Wednesday morning from 10-12pm. You will be able to access support with job applications, creating CVs and access to the internet to look for jobs.

If accessing the internet is a struggle then take advantage of another class they are running on a Wednesday afternoon – Basic IT Class from 12:30-2pm. If you want to learn how to turn your computer on, navigate the internet or create an email then get in touch with them on 01294 443 044 or



Robotic Dog Helps Elderly Residents

A robotic dog has moved into a care home to help its residents.

‘Biscuit’ responds to touch and speech and has quickly become a favourite at Templeman House, Bournemouth. Watch this footage and see what the residents and staff think of Biscuit.

Research suggests robotic animals can help to reduce stress and anxiety in people with dementia.

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