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Dreghorn Gala Day – Stewards Required

Date of Event:    April 26, 2023

Hey everyone, Dreghorn Gala Day are looking for Dreghorn’s community spirit to help them with the gala….. the gala committee are working hard behind the scenes to get everything in place for our first gala in years.

This is proving more difficult with insurances and licenses needed for everything. They have a planned route for the parade but need volunteers to help them by being stewards in the parade. All you will have to do is walk with the parade and other committee members will also be there with you.

The parade will be starting at the coach brae, passing by Shalom nursing home then going along Main Street then turning left at the traffic lights and ending at the park.

They trying so hard to get the gala going for the whole community but need some assistance so they can make sure the parade goes ahead.