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Ayrshire Recording Service

Date of Event:    July 23, 2023

Are you passionate about audio and making a difference in the visually impaired community?

Ayrshire Recording Services is a growing and expanding business that is dedicated to providing accessible audio content for individuals with visual impairments. The team is currently seeking talented volunteers for the following positions:

Audio Editors: Utilize your audio-editing skills to create high-quality recordings of books, articles and other written materials, making them accessible to the visually impaired community.

Voiceover Artists: Bring written content to life by lending your voice as a voiceover artist. Narrate audiobooks, podcasts and other audio content that will enrich the lives of visually impaired individuals.

Outreach and Community Engagement: Help the team to connect with the visually impaired community by reaching out to local organisations, promoting services and building partnerships to expand reach.

To volunteer, or to find out more, email or call 07307 200135. Please include your name, contact information, area of interest and any relevant experience or skills you possess.